Boob Sphere
Boob Sphere

Boob Sphere

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Introducing the breast new bath bomb mold you're going to find! Made with high-quality PLA, this mold is perfect for adding some fun and humor to your bath bomb line.

The perfect way to add a touch of titillation to your bath bombs, and it's sure to be a conversation starter! Whether you call them breasts, tits, titties, hooters, knockers, melons, create the prefect bosom-shaped bath bomb!

Why settle for boring flat or typical round bath bombs when you can add some breast-y goodness to your product line?

Get your hands on both our Boob-licious bath bomb designs and create a pair that will knock your customers off their feet! With our mold, you can create bath bombs that are truly chest-worthy!
*Weights are estimates, exact values vary based on your mix and how much you add

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