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Monthly STL Subscription

Tired of waiting days and weeks for someone else to make your bath bomb molds? Then dealing with shipping delays, only to discover too late the molds aren't the size you wanted?

What if you had a whole library of bath bomb molds you could begin printing in minutes? What if when the mold isn't the right size you could just shrink it down?

With our STL digital file subscription you can download and print molds at home in a matter of hours! You'll be able to quickly print the molds you need when you need them at the size you want for a fraction of the price you normally pay.

All you need is a 3D printer, and we can help you with that!

Whether you're a professional bath bomb maker or just looking to make some molds at home for fun, our subscription is sure to enhance your maker experience!

Stop waiting around for your molds and take the first step towards making your own bath bomb molds! Sign up for our STL digital file subscription today and start printing your own custom molds in no time.

Membership Plans

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3d print new molds each month for your own use!
6 STL credits (1 mold = 1 credit)
  • + Personal license to print monthly releases for your own use
  • + 15% discount on molds
$26 / month View Details
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Print and sell molds new molds each month!
6 STL credits (1 mold = 1 credit)
  • + *Commercial license to sell prints of monthly releases
  • + 15% discount on molds
$42 / month View Details
  • * Commercial license valid for as long as you maintain an active membership. If you cancel your membership your license reverts to a personal license. You can 3d print molds for your own personal use but not to sell. This license does not enable you to resell or share our digital files.
  • ** Credits are voided when your membership is cancelled, make sure you use them up before cancelling!