Belgian Waffle Bath Bomb Mold
Belgian Waffle Bath Bomb Mold

Belgian Waffle Bath Bomb Mold

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This waffle bath bomb mold is a unique and playful way to add some fun to your bath time ritual. Designed to resemble the shape of a waffle, this mold allows you to create your own bath bombs that look just like the delicious breakfast treat. With its deep grooves and square shape, the waffle mold creates a striking and detailed finished product. Whether you want to create a bath bomb that smells like syrup and butter or one that is infused with your favorite essential oils, the waffle bath bomb mold offers endless possibilities for customization. Simply mix together your ingredients, press them into the mold, and let them dry before dropping them into your bathwater for a fragrant and fizzy soak.
*Weights are estimates, exact values vary based on your mix and how much you add

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