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Recommended 3D Printers

There are a variety of 3d printers out there, and just about any of them can print bath bomb molds in PLA.

While not an exhaustive list, these are printers we have either used or would use ourselves and so feel comfortable recommending them to others.

If you would like advice on 3D Printing or on a printer that is not on this list, feel free to reach out!

Printer Price Bed Size (mm) Notes
Creality (Ender 3, Pro, v2, etc...) - - Not recommended
Kingroon KP3S $160 180 x 180 x 180 Small but functional
Prusa Mini $500 180 x 180 x 180 High quality design
Prusa MK3S+ $650 / $900 250 x 210 x 210 Reliable design
Bambu Labs P1P $700 386 x 389 x 458 Bare bones X1C
Bambu Labs X1 Carbon $1,500 386 x 389 x 458 The hottest thing

Creality (Ender 3, Pro, V2, S1, etc...)

We don’t recommend this brand anymore because their quality control has gone down in recent years and wasn’t that great to begin with. You certainly can print our molds on their machines, however maintaining them tends to be a lot of work.

Kingroon KP3S

A smaller but very affordable printer with no frills but with a reputation for being very reliable.

Despite its size, it can print all of our molds except our 10x10 embed maker. We run one of these printers daily and in six months it has not given us a single issue, so we feel confident it can print our molds.

If you purchase this printer, be sure to get it with the PEI bed sheet and look for a discount code, they almost always offer 10%-20% off. (try XYZ)

Prusa Mini (Semi-Assembled)

Prusa Mini Printer

The smaller of the two main printers Prusa offers.

Like the KP3S, it can print all of our molds except our 10x10 embed maker.

Prusa is known to be a reliable brand and these printers are commonly used in printer farms for this reason, they generally "just work" compared to other brands.

Prusa MK3S+

Prusa MK3S Printer

Prusa's flagship printer, the gold standard for 3D printer farms. Known to be highly reliable and user friendly.

We have four of these, they all printed for thousands of hours before we had to do anything but oil the metal rods.

Comes in two versions, a $1,200 version Prusa assembles for you and a DIY kit which is $900 because you spend 10 hours putting it together.

If you can put together a complex piece of furniture you can totally put this printer together yourself, but they aren't exaggerating about the 10 hour assembly time. We assembled two ourselves, it took multiple sessions over the course of a week.

Note: Prusa recently released the MK4, the next iteration of this printer. However users have reported various issues with the MK4 at this time and the promised speed upgrades they advertised are pending a supposed firmware upgrade that isn't available yet. Once Prusa works out the kinks this might be a viable option.

Bambu Labs P1P

Bambu Labs P1P Printer

Scaled down version of Bambu Lab's flagship X1-Carbon printer. The P1P is a recent release that has received high praise for printing 3x as fast as other printers while maintaining quality.

Bambu is a new company that released their printers mid-2022 and so there's limited long term data on this printer, however this printer prints remarkably fast, printing 3x as fast as many other consumer printers like its big brother the X1C.

The P1P does not include the enclosure, multi-color AMS or many smart features included in the X1 Carbon. Youc an however buy the AMS as an addon. The screen is more difficult to work with, but you can operate it using the mobile app or desktop application.

Bambu Labs X1 Carbon

Bambu Labs P1P Printer

Bambu Lab's flagship printer released mid 2022, it quickly got many people excited and seems to be as good as promised.

It prints 3x as fast as other printers, it prints in multiple colors, it comes already assembled, with an enclosure, and has many state of the art smart features.

Bambu is a new company and so there's limited long term data on this printer. We have two of these, easily our best printer by a long shot.