Chunkadust Bathbomb Recipe

Lets skip my life story and what inspired me to come up with this recipe and get right to it!


Dry ingredients

800 g Baking Soda
400 g Citric Acid (set aside)
25 g Cream of Tartar
100 g Cornstarch
60 g Kaolin Clay
40 g SLSA
60 g Buttermilk

Wet ingredients
30 g Polysorbate 80
40 g Coconut oil
20 g Witch Hazel
30 g Fragrance Oil


1. Mix your dry ingredients in a bowl except your citric acid.

2. mix your wet ingredients in a separate bowl.

3. Slowing add wet ingredients to bowl with dry ingredients while mixing.

4. Now add your citric acid!

5. Spritz 2-3 times with water while mixing if needed.


Video & Pictures to come!


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